The Hair Grip, Color: Tan
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It is a thin comfort band made of velour that goes underneath wigs (all types), scarves (even silk!), and hats (ie-berets). It eliminates the need for combs, clips, or pins thus preventing, bald spots, and headaches! The band grips to the head covering comfortably so there is no need for adjustment.

The Hair Grip grips to hair AND skin. So if you (or anyone you know) are undergoing chemotherapy, then you will appreciate this product even more than anyone else. This benefit is also great for women who have alopecia, Cancer or whom are going through Chemotherapy.


You'll fall in love with The Hair Grip and will want to share it with everyone! It will make your life and wearing wigs/scarves so much easier. In a world where time is flying by faster than ever, The Hair Grip gives busy women one less thing to worry about. NO MORE BALD SPOTS! NO MORE HEADACHES! NO MORE SLIPPING!

Also Available in: Black, Chocolate Brown and Gray

  • Item #: H-0019-Tan
  • Manufacturer: Hairess

The Hair Grip, Color: Tan

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