Henry Margu

Trend-setting wig styles, cutting-edge colorations, incomparable quality and relentless dedication to the customers have secured a position at the top for Henry Margu. A privately held, family-owned company, Henry Margu is the oldest and most experienced wig manufacturer in the United States. With 60 years of innovative ideas and the belief that there is more to being an industry leader than simply creating exciting styles and colors, the design staff at Henry Margu has focused on achieving the highest quality standards. Henry Margu Wigs and hair pieces are constructed on synthetic hair fibers which give the appearance and feel of your own hair. The specialized fiber processing and blending techniques have made styles more manageable and natural looking. Henry Margu continually develops improvements creating lighter-weight, more comfortable women's wigs. Our efforts are with one purpose in mind...the satisfaction of our customers! See for yourself why the difference is beautiful™ with Henry Margu Wigs